Found myself unable to retrieve my laundry from the basement Oscillated between the poles of self-beratement and forgiveness The words appear in any order and I read them: why I am wasting my life Viewed a lot of pictures posted on Humans of Late Capitalism
from the book about: blank / University of Pittsburgh Press
Jay Hopler
spook not at the shook world w/ all its viruses and murder hornets instead that summer evening call to mind when you drove alone over iowa . . .
Carly Inghram
Each time the personhood        nears its edge. A hometown so dear        you can smell its insides, the very prosperous        names of creation.
Spencer Reece
I lift up my eyes in the Big Y aisle where is my help where is my help
Hala Alyan
It's beautiful to speak for her; she's dead. I sit in the scalding bath. I like to change my skin. This is my sanity: salt and bubbles. To outlive is to become mockingbird: She was, she was.

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