What Sparks Poetry is a serialized feature in which we invite poets to explore experiences and ideas that spark new poems.

In Books We’ve Loved, we asked our editorial board members and select guest editors to reflect on a book that has been particularly meaningful to them in the last year, with the intention of creating a list of book recommendations for our valued readers.

Karen Anderson on Mihaela Moscaliuc's <em>Cemetery Ink</em>
Photo: Karen Anderson
Mihaela Moscaliuc
Why not swill fine cellar wine directly from the bottle why not waltz while mother cooks onions in the rain so they won’t pollute the inside with their crass smell
Megan Kim
hand-me-down nation                    fitted like a crumpled fortune                               into our ungovernable forms.
Laynie Browne
1. I stayed up later than my body 2. Determined and strange 3. Am I less cynical unbroken...
Basie Allen
                                                                               when I hear those whispers moon                                                           out your crescent mouth...

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